Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bella Baita

After a 6 hour trip in Gus the Party Bus, including a stop off in Switzerland to see some friends for breakfast, we arrived in Italy where we had booked out a B&B up the mountain from a small town called Panasca, which is near Turino in the North West of Italy. After finally getting up the ice covered mountain (without chains on the tires because the rental company gave us the wrong size!) we were greeted by Fabrizzio, the crazy and extremely entertaining Italian half of Bella Baita (our home for the week).
Luckily for us we just missed the snow storm and we had a sunny and beautiful view of the surrounding mountains all week. We all spent a very relaxing week eating, visiting nearby towns, doing an Italian cooking class, playing cards and drinking copious amounts of local wine. And while everyone else was reading I was able to pick Marla (the more mature and very knowledgeable American half of Bella Baita)'s brain on bakery and working as a patissiere all over Europe.

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  1. Ahhh such fun..!

    ps. Could have found a better pic of me! :P Nice looking dessert though!