Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The High-life of Rome

My arrival to Rome was met with class and a tuxedo wearing porter. A reception not quite fit for a hungover, sleep deprived couch surfer fresh from Florence. Though I certainly was not complaining. I was in heaven!
I had been invited to “bunk” with a friend from Brisbane, Bill, and his son Angus for the few days they would be travelling in Rome. I was speechless however when I was shown to my own room in The Hotel Eden, a 5 star hotel where you get a weather report and chocolates on your pillow when they turn down your bed at night, and from the breakfast room there are views over the entire city of Rome.
Unfortunately for around half of the time I spent with Bill and Angus I was feeling somewhat under the weather and stayed in bed (my big fluffy queen sized bed) feeling sorry for myself. The other half of the time was spent seeing a few of the sites of Rome and eating and drinking like royalty!
Thank you so much to Bill and Angus for an amazing start to Rome!

P.S. Sorry for making you sick Bill- what a way to repay you!

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