Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Family Time.

So I realise how slack I have already become with this blog! BUT I have an excuse... kinda... After I left Nancy I came to my sisters place in Lörrach, a small town in the south western corner of Germany, on the boarder of Switzerland and France. And together with my sister and her fiancĂ© Dave, Dave's parents, my parents and my brother and his girlfriend we have been doing lots of eating, site seeing, wreath making, Christmas baking, eating, snow man making, Christmas hat making, cooking and more eating! It's been great spending time with the whole family for this very special WHITE Christmas!
Our usual tradition of Secret Santa dress ups (when you have to find an outfit- generally from op shops- for the person you draw out of the hat) was going to be a bit too hard this year, but we managed to fulfil our crazy tradition in the form of Secret Santa Christmas Hats. So we all drew a name from the hat and had to make a Christmas hat for that person from the random craft items in my sisters house on Christmas morning yay!. It was great fun, and really made it feel like it was Christmas (along with our childhood Santa stockings we found hanging in the tree after our snowball fight!).

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  1. Lovely pictures, but... we want to see those hats!