Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fateful events.

A turn of events saw my Brisbane friend leaving Lecce to head to Sicily early Wednesday morning without me, leaving me to re-plan my next few days. I accidentally left my power adapter in Rome and after a few hours in the hostel lobby searching possible couches in the Puglia region both my phone and my computer were out of battery. So the next 2 hours after that were spent wandering around Lecce in search of a new adapter, which obviously Italians don't need, and therefore don't sell. When I did finally find one I think the shop owner got a bit of a shock when I practically kissed him I was so excited.

New adapter in hand I found myself a cafe, ordered a double espresso and some pizza, charged my phone and waited in hope for my couch request to be accepted. Luckily for me it was. After a second coffee I left the cafe with new hope and a very high blood caffeine level, in search of celebratory gelato. The sun had come out, I had found a couch and I was having a love affair with my gelato, life was great.

My new couch turned out to be a bed and breakfast shut for the winter about 4km outside of Lecce, with citrus trees and a small olive grove it was just the slice of country I was in need of. I spent 2 nights there and only ventured out of the boundary for a couple of hours to get beer and visit some of Lecce's churches before making my way back to the warmth of the B&B.
My hosts Andrea and Angela were lovely and I felt so welcome from the moment I walked in. Angela even confirmed the cliche Italian diet by cooking risotto, pasta and pizza in the time I was there, it was fantastic!

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  1. Sounds amazing! and those olives look delicious.. jealous much! Be sure to eat another handful or two for me :)

    Ps. Got your message.. ta! xo