Thursday, January 20, 2011

Italy's Heel... Puglia

In Bari, after I had left Daniella's beautiful house, I made my way to the ferry terminal to meet up with a friend from Brisbane on his way over from Greece. Being a Sunday almost everything was shut, so we spent the day wandering Bari's deserted alleyways and devouring it's delicious gelati. By night fall the main street had picked up the pace a little so we took it upon ourselves to sample the local wines and a few of the local bars.

The next day we took the local train around 120km south of Bari, to Lecce which has been named the "Florence" of Puglia. Although I wouldn't go quite that far, I'm finding a certain charm to the quiet narrow streets riddled with churches and very few tourists, and surprisingly the Puglian gelati far surpasses that of Florence!

We also took a “day” trip to Gallipoli which is a small fishing town on the west cost of Puglia, and like a lot of Italian cities, is broken into the old and the new towns. Unfortunately our trip there was a bit of an after thought and in order to get the last train back to Lecce we only had an hour and a half to see Gallipoli... in the dark. Having said that we managed to work our way through the old city taking plenty of photos and even try some unbelievably fresh oysters, mussels and prawns from one of the many fish stands there.

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