Thursday, February 24, 2011

The question of visas.

While I was staying in Lorrach I made the trip to the "Aliens Authority" to get information on the German visas I could apply for. I had read that by all accounts, the people working at said 'Aliens Authorities' are employed for their unified hate of foreigners and general bad moods. Luckily for me, once I got past the lady in reception (who didn't speak a word of english), I was greeted by a lovely German lady ready to help me with my enquiry...

My options were as follows:
a) A work visa. Requiring sponsorship from a (legitimate) employer.
b) A study visa. Which requires enrolment in an authorised school or university (German must be one of the studied subjects)
or c) Marry a German.

Not speaking a word of German, and not really one of my preferred languages to learn, the first two options were out. Leaving option c) Marry a German... but these things take time, so I needed a new plan. After a week in Germany, I was back in Italy to do more... visa stuff...

Ok, so this last photo is totally unnecessary, but this book made me laugh when I saw it in a second hand book stall...

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  1. haha its a bit like Me Tarzan, You Jane. Honest... I like it!