Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My one true love.... FOOD!

 An early bus from Matera landed me in Naples by late morning and for those of you who don't quite live for food like yours truly, Naples is the home of pizza...Need I say more.
The pizza you get in Australia is rather different to what you find here, and although I know a number of people who would find the Italian pizza bare and lacking the usual 20 toppings, the flavour sensations that arise from an Italian pizza are pure bliss. I think that the simplicity of having home made tomato sauce, basil and chunks of fresh mozzarella on a thin, but not too crispy base, is a very beautiful thing!

This is hands down the BEST pizza I have ever layed hands on...

Aside from the pizza, Naples itself is also quite a beautiful place, but for me it didn't have the safest feeling as I was wandering around on my own, especially when it was starting to get dark.

In true Evelyn style, I got lost... a real surprise to you all I'm sure. As it was getting dark I found myself standing in the lobby of an apartment block, out of site from prying eyes, using the light to read my map, when a middle aged man came out of his apartment holding his motorbike helmet and (in Italian) asked if I needed help. Pointing to the map I asked him "Where am I?... I need to be here.”
After a few minutes of searching he raised his eye brows and said... "Now... here," then moved his finger to the other side of them map. "You go... here. Long walk!" <Pause> "Something something something something" (talking in italian, pointing to his Harley and picking up his second helmet) "something something, I'm Mimo." At this point I'm trying to figure out which is more risky; trying to find my way home through the dark abandoned streets of a city I do not trust, OR taking a bike ride back to the hostel with a middle aged man I don't know... Two fantastic options, but because I'm a practical kind of girl, I took the practical kind of solution, donned the helmet and jumped on the Harley! I might add in at this point that Mimo was a very friendly and respectable looking man... Plus, he was offering me a ride on his Harley...?? How much will power do you think I have?!
In the end all turned out well and 15 minutes later, after an exhilarating trip weaving in and out of traffic (from one side of Naples to the other) I was back at the hostel.

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  1. Hi Evelyn, your blog is great, and makes us all want to come to Italy!