Friday, February 18, 2011


Dancing like a crazy person by yourself in the living room... Harmless
Dancing like a crazy person by yourself in someone else’s living room... Risky
Dancing like a crazy person with a near stranger in their living room... Priceless.

When sober I rarely have the confidence to dance. Give me a few drinks and I may think I'm pretty good... but I'm not kidding myself. I know I look somewhat special when I dance. This side effect of liquid luck is one of the many reasons I shouldn't drink! However, drink I do, which generally means I'll get up and bust a few moves when the time is right. In Milan, the time was definitely right. My final couch for Italy (this trip) Mario, lived about half an hour out of Milan and through his amazing personality and cooking skills managed to make me feel progressively younger as the night went on...

My night went a little like this:

An amazing dinner, matched with organic wines (produced by his friends), coupled with in-depth conversation about the youth of today and the decreasing value of face to face contact in society, whilst in the background the stereo hummed jazz music.

The music volume increased and changed from Jazz to up-beat sing alongs, drawing us to the living room where we had more room to bust out our moves. Sing alongs turned to house music progressing to techno and finally old school beats reminding me of high school were blaring through the speakers. At 2am, all danced out and having been told that I have control issues (because, whilst learning to dance salsa, I wouldn't give my full confidence to him spinning me around the room... go figure) I was ready for bed...

So after wiggling into my fluffy Pj's I crawled into the fire engine bed that was my couch and felt a kid again watching the cartoon animated walls fade as I turned off my night-light... evidently his 7 year old son was away.

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