Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The other side of Milan

Mario and his amazing disco kitchen weren't the only side of Milan that I saw. I did manage to make it into the city for a full day, and whoever said Milan is a boring city has obviously never done it my way!

I had great intentions for being a real tourist... I did a couple of the popular sites mixed which quickly turned into a few of my own..
  • I went to the top of Cathedral of Santa Maria Nascente, where I had a view of the whole smogged out city
  • window shopped in the main shopping streets of Milan
  • meandered the streets of the old city
  • managed to walk into a cute little church just as the lunch service was about to start. I thought it would be disrespectful to leave so I took my place in the 4th (of 5) pews, stood when they stood, “sang” when they sang, repeated the words in front of me (or at least attempted) and knelt to pray with everybody else. I eventually made my escape when communion was offered... I thought that might be pushing the language barrier!
  • found a fantastic salumeria for lunch and trustingly let the lady order for me... this landed me a massive plate of local prosciutto and salamis, peccorino, fresh bread and a bowl of sparkling red wine.
  • I then proceeded to get myself locked in the restaurant toilet for 20 minutes (because I fail to read signs) and learnt the word aiuto! (help) until someone saved me by kicking the door in. Eh stupid tourists. 

On the way home on the metro, pondering my haphazard day, I could hear Kylie Monogues 'I'm spinning around, move out of my way...' and was sent into fits of giggles as I watched a straight faced, fashionable Italian man trying to stop himself singing along to his blaring Ipod...
Oh Italy, how I'll miss you.

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