Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cooking lessons with Nonna.

Lorenzo's Mum and Nonna fit perfectly into the Italian "Mamma" stereotype. They fuss over you, feed you til you pop and of course, are the best cooks you know.
Lucky for me I've somehow managed to weasle my way into the family and have started getting pasta lessons from Nonna. Last night we made Tagliatelli.

When I arrived they were already waiting to start, I was handed a cutle little white apron (which I found out later was Nonna's mothers and is "proprio antico") and we set to work. She showed me how to mix and knead the dough and how to know when it's ready. To rest and roll the dough and to make sure it's a little dry before cutting. Then to cut, cook and of course eat the finshed pasta.

I thought I'd made pasta before, but I have to admit this was really special and was by far the best pasta I've ever made. Thanks Nonna!

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  1. Wow cool! Can't wait to try it sometime :D xx