Friday, July 15, 2011

Bianca's new colours

So through the chaos of school, work and of course socialising I completely forgot to show off Bianca! I posted a while ago that I was painting my bike and I have indeed finished her (a good month ago… oops, sorry!)

She is still silver but now has white wheel guards and chain cover and is decorated with the badge of Florence- a red giglio (also known as Fleur-de-lis or Florentine Lily) and the name of my new blog “Gelati Days” (which is another reason I haven’t rushed to post Biancas new colours, the blog wasn’t ready! Or maybe I just wasn’t ready to show you! Either way... I cant say it will be all that interesting for you at home considering it is a site aimed at helping foreigners here in Florence, but if you are finding work really that boring…!)

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