Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A week of firsts

My week of firsts...
First time driving in Florence (not doing it again unless in emergencies)
First day of work
First Italian garden dinner party
First time in Copenhagen
First coat of paint on Bianca

SO, as you can see, it's been a busy week, and so this post doesn't turn into a novel, I've simplified it somewhat...

Driving: Driving in Europe is nerve racking, driving in Florence is near suicide for someone used to driving between the lines, to the speed limit and all that... It was a scary experience for everyone involved.

Working: I did my first shift at an Irish pub here in Florence. I can understand when people want beer and I can happily pour them a beer and take their money, apart from that, there are alot of one sided conversations going on where I stand there nodding and smiling. Give me time, I'll get to the rum and coke one day.

Partying: While house sitting for Lorenzo’s parents, a party was organised in the including 13 people, around 7kg of meat, a kilo or two of cheese, plenty of prosecco and a wood fired oven. Apart from the fact it now looks like I have chicken pox because of the number of mosquitoes there, it was a great night!

Travelling: I flew to Copenhagen to spend an impromptu weekend with my sister, her fiancĂ© and a couple of their friends. Copenhagen is a cold, wet, expensive city yet somehow, despite the miserable weather, all of the Danish people I came in contact with were friendly, happy people. We put this down to the fact that their power points (or are they sockets?) look like smiley faces… that has to be it… Look at this picture (albeit a little blury) and tell me it doesn't make you all shiny and happy on the inside!

Painting: Yes, you read correctly, Bianca is getting a makeover!! I'm in the process of decorating her with the traditional colours of Florence- Red and White... She is pretty excited, so I will keep you posted on how she is going...


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  1. Smiley happy power points! That photo of Alex in the bus also just made me laugh out loud.. haha classic.

    Bianca's looking good too!