Monday, June 20, 2011

Back to School

So I started school last week. Tuesday was the exam to see what level my Italian is at (medio for your information... which is the 2nd group of 4. Still a fair way to go!) and after was my first history lesson- Italian art history (entirely in Italian, in the most uncomfortable chairs possible for an hour and a half!)
The next days have been spent working through an exercise book and speaking average Italian with the other students there for about 2 and a half hours, then an hour and a half of history- varying between Italian art, literature and theatre. I'm finding the history really interesting, and it's even better when you ride home a different way and stumble upon one of the monuments or statues or piazzas that you have just learnt at school (albeit you didn't understand completely what that statue is about, but you know it's important and that it was created by Cellini and had something to do with Medici). Having said that, the seats certainly haven't gotten any more comfortable, and working the odd night during the week (finishing at 2am) hasn't helped my concentration span.

Mexican (Lourdes), American (Amelia), Australian, Russian (Nastia), Russian (Alexandria), Colombian (Maria Cruz)

My class consists of a German girl (who studies history in Dusseldorf and is writing a paper on Italian history- therefore needs to learn Italian), 2 Russian girls (studying linguistics in Russia), an American guy (who bought a bar with his wife and 2 kids here), an American girl (working for 12 months at one of the American universities here, organising their activities and outings etc), a Colombian girl (studying foreign affairs and needs a minimum of 3 languages) and a Mexican girl (whose mother is Italian and is here with a group of friends for 2 months to learn Italian, before she goes back to Mexico to finish her medical degree). A very interesting mix!

This is completely irrelevant other than the fact it was at school… who puts a sign up saying, “Please don’t touch this tap” that is really just asking for trouble!! No… I haven’t touched it… yet…. But it is so dang tempting!

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