Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Up the hill

Last week saw an old school friend and her boyfriend come to visit for a few days here in Florence. Unfortunately last week also saw rain, a lot of rain. We did manage to get one day where the sun poked its face through the clouds and made for quite a pleasant day, so Lorenzo was nice enough to take us on a road trip through the Chiantishire to San Gimignano.


San Gimignano is a small, walled, medieval town perched on top of a hill in the province of Siena, which is known for it's medieval buildings and towers which you can see from kilometres away. You are able to climb one of the towers from the main square which gives you stunning 360 degree views over the town and the valley below. The town and the views are amazing but the number of tourist there is somewhat shocking, and we only spent an hour or so there before we started out trip back through the stunning countryside to Florence (and an amazing dinner of Florentine steak).

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