Friday, March 22, 2013

School time

So I have never shown you where I go to school! Today is your lucky day kids!!
I go to the Agriculture faculty of the University of Florence which has 2 campus'. One is at the Cascine which is a park near-ish the city centre and the other is at Quaracchi which is out near the airport.


As first years we get banished out to Quaracchi for all bar one of our classes, then our analitical chemistry class is in the faculty of medicine out with the pharmacy students on the other side of the city
Next year we get to go to big kid ag college at the Cascine, which is where the library, study halls and most of our professors are based, so it makes it a little more convenient, it is also about 20 minutes closer to home which will be nice!


I try to ride to uni whenever I can, which doesn't work so well when it's constantly raining (like this month) but when it's a nice day, it's such a beautiful ride along the river!

Have a good weekend!!

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  1. When did you find time to do this? Looks nice.