Thursday, March 7, 2013

Run run as fast as you can!

"Look, there's a half marathon in Scandicci tomorrow... why don't you go and do it?"
"Oh really?! That sounds alright, but I haven't done any training... I don't think I could run 21kms"
"Yeah but there is a 5km and an 11km stroll (stroll... like you just casually "stroll" 11km before breakfast)
"That sounds alright, will you do it with me?"
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm I don't think so"
"Riiight... well can you drop me there?"
"What time does it start?"
"Pffffff, ma che dici!! That's way too early!!"

This was the conversation I had with Lorenzo a couple of Saturdays ago. So rather than waking Sir, the next day I rode the 4kms to the start line ran my 11km and rode home! It was actually a really nice way to start my Sunday, and also mean I didn't feel guilty eating as much as I liked at Sunday lunch with Lorenzo's mum!!

I ended up running most of the way with a guy that works for Lorenzo's dad! And because they know all the photographers we were able to get the photos! Sexy right!? haha.

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