Thursday, April 4, 2013


Happy belated Easter everyone!! I hope the easter bunny came and you all enjoyed a nice long weekend! I was working most of the weekend- a new job I started a couple of weeks ago for a few hours on the weekends- but managed to eat myself into a good old fashioned food coma on Easter Sunday with Lorenzo's family. Unfortunately there is no easter bunny in Italy, so there was no egg hunt this year (waaaa) but we made up for it with a huge lunch, and as the "child" in the house I was given a giant egg! (I was really lucky to get anything considering I accidentally threw away the olive branch that Lorenzo's mum got blessed at church for our house... I didn't know!!! I'm sorrryyyy!!)


This is the first year that I have actually been in Italy for Easter. Lorenzo's dad even gave me a beautiful rose to celebrate! It's a really beautiful time of year, the sun is starting to show it's face, the flowers are blooming and everything is greeeen! Can't wait for it to warm up a bit too!

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