Friday, September 14, 2012

Almost there!!

So the bed and couch have arrived, the kitchen is now connected and ready to use (apart from the fact they messed up and sent 2 white cupboard doors... so they will change), the kitchen cupboards are full of crockery (from Nonna... who wouldnt let us leave until we had pretty well robbed her of all the plates she doesn't use), the curtains are up and today we filled the hole separating our apartment from Lorenzo's parents house with insulation and an sheet of iron (and in the next few days will be covered with a wardrobe)... umm Party???? Our only issue is that the mattrass will be another week and a half... but that's why we bought a sofa bed right?

Lorenzo started it when he chose a purple kitchen, I continued it by buying a pink and purple Mokka (sitting on the bench next to the white cupbords) and then Lorenzo's mum topped it off by buying a pink flowing plant and a pink dust pan..........  I think we need to invest in some new colours!! (cute though right? We can see whose kitchen this is!! haha)

Ready for a dinner party- thanks Nonna!

I know what you're thinking, and yes, keeping this couch white IS going to be a challenge, but look how pretty and white it is!!.. for now.

Thank god for under-bed storage!!

These little bed side tables belonged to Lorenzo's Nonna's Nonna, you do the maths!

Hole is filled!!

Oh another minor thing that the apartment is missing are doors. We have a front door, but are yet to get the bathroom or bedroom door. Open living style!


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  1. Looks fantastic Eb. Oh is that a cute little dog in the last photo!