Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Procrastination time

As much as I told everyone that starting uni would mean more emails and more blog posts as I would have more procrastination time... it's not true, I lied. Unlike when I was at school and it was "cool" not to know what was going on in maths, now it just means that I will fail and waste money if I don't know what's going on... so procrastination at the moment is only around 5% (which is clearly filled with sourcing comfort food).

I am 2 weeks into my course (well... that is kind of cheating because we don't start physics until next week... so these two weeks have just been Monday to Wednesday, maths and chemistry. But to make myself feel better let's make it a neat 2 weeks) and I am struggling to remember what I did in high school maths...the answer to that question is probably not much, which is making it a whole lot of fun trying to figure out post high school math equations, but I'm getting there slowly. Chemistry on the other hand is a subject I have never taken, so I guess on the up side I don't have to try to remember that one... however I am increasingly wondering why I thought it was a good idea to take a science based course, over 6 years after finishing school, in another language!!

Luckily the teachers so far are understanding and happy to help (they also speak english which might come in handy at some point!) which should make life a little easier! But for now, blog post will probably be few and far between (how strange you say, normally I am so on top of updating this page!? I know, I know).

I can't say I have much news other than starting uni. We have been adding a few touches to the apartment... and we finally have a wardrobe!! I guess that's big news (considering I have been harping on about getting it for a good 3 weeks). The bedroom now looks like the fair is coming to town and the kitchen has gained a colour, but we like it, so stop judging us and our multicoloured house!!

So even if there are lots of finishing touches to be added, finally the house has all the essentials, and I must admit it has turned out to be a really cute little house. I even have a veggie garden!! I can't guarentee we will be eating out of this garden any time soon, but it's pretty cute all the same!!

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