Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Casetta Part II

As promised, here is the current progress of our little house... We're getting there! Since the last lot of photos we've filled in, sanded and painted the walls, cleaned and treated the terracotta floor, put in the dividing wall between bedroom and lounge, painted our little bathroom niche and layed the wood flooring in the 'kitchen area'... what do you think?!?


Riccardo (our friendly know-how man) painting our 'niche' with venetian style plaster.

Bathroom equipped with crazy.

The 'men' at work. Who knew terracotta required so much work!? Alkaline wash overnight, scubbed in and washed twice, acid scrubbed in, rinsed and dried, anti-stain chemical rubbed in and dried then two coats of varnish to finish...!!

Presenting our living room! How nice is that floor!

Wooden flooring to cover the kitchen/entry area.
Tomorrow arrive our new couch and bed!! Yipee!! Pity the electrition hasn't come yet and we have no lights!

In other news, I had my Italian entry test yesterday, which if I were to fail would mean the end of my visa... Luckily for me I passed... Yet I think even my dad and his 2 words of spanish would have been fine. They passed all 6 of us, even the 2 students who didn't know how to respond to any of the questions they asked during the interview... suggesting they partake in a basic italian course before the start of uni...
So now that stress is off my shoulders I'm free as a fiddle until the 24th September, when I start uni.

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