Saturday, May 7, 2011

Welcome to Italia...

So getting a visa for Italy, is only the first step in being able to stay here... Within 8 days of arriving in Italy you have to make your presence known at the Questura office (the police station) and apply for your residency permit. Easy. I decided to head in at 8.30am so that I could try to miss the queue, which backfired when I found out the office opens at 8am.
After getting some help from a French guy, who spoke to me in French and relayed in Italian to the Police officer what I needed, I was issued with a number. A260. Excellent... "Ding- A048" shit...
After an hour of waiting and having gotten the cold shoulder from an American girl I tried to talk to, I decided some breakfast was in order. I returned half an hour later fat and happy to "Ding- A160"... Have a seat.

At 10.30am I finally got to the window, the lady didn't know what I needed so got someone else. Who then informed me that I was going to need more documentation; a stamp from a tobacconist, a slip from the post office and a photocopy of my visa and my passport. Then issued me with another number (B063) and sent me on my way. An hour later I was back in the Questura, documents in hand and ready to roll... "Ding- B043" super duper.
At around 1.30pm I got up to the window, my documents were processed and I was given a piece of paper telling me that I need to come back in a month to pick up my permit... Welcome to Italy!

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