Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gli sbandieratori degli Uffizi...

There is a place (literally) around the corner from where I'm living called I Fratelli, which had been highly recommended to me for their different panini... So the day after Notte Bianca I was on my way there when I heard the sound of drums and cheering... turns out I was just in time for the parade of the Flag Bearers of the Uffizi! (gli sbandieratori degli Uffizi)

Traditionally dressed people paraded through the streets of Florence before gathering in Piazza della Signoria where the teams competed against each other with their drums and flags. It was really cool to see!

In the street over, in one of the other public squares, I came across some more entertainment!
These two guys were really good... and I think they were funny- but I couldn't understand what they were saying so I can't be too sure!

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  1. wow, your good timing seriously astounds me!! What a cool thing to come across! xx