Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Take Two

So I mentioned that Bloom (my little fishy from the markets... aka: Fish Finger) was a little sick... or rather very sick and he passed away during the night... or sometime during the day... not really sure, after only 5 days with us... We mourned Povero Bloom (his full name, meaning Poor Bloom) for a good week, and then we went and bought Bloom Macchia (which means Stained Bloom... because he has a stain on his head)... Anyway point to the story is that I got a new fish and I didn't want to jinx him by blogging about him. I have now had him for about 3 weeks and he is still going strong!!! So I thought it was time to introduce him to the world...

After seeing that I may actually be capable of keeping another living thing alive, on Monday I went and bought a friend for Bloom Macchia... I wanted to call the new one Snow Bloom... or Bloom Neve... but we decided to keep the Bloom name sake just for the golden gold fish, so we called our new white golden gold fish Otto... Because we bought him on the eighth... original right!

Otto playing dead... oh how those kids love to play.
So we are very happy to have 2 loving gold fish now. They are great friends and swim merrily together all day long.They are two ends of the spectrum really, Bloom Macchia is very shy and likes to hide in the vegetation, Otto on the other hand is quite the little poser! He's always stealing the limelight!

I secretly think that Bloom Macchia is a much prettier fish than Otto... but don't tell him that! The kids should never know which one you like best, even though I've always known my parents like me best. It's obvious really... ;)


  1. Oooh, you must be mistaken.. I've always been the favourite.

  2. I don't doubt either of you. The middle child is never the favorite...