Monday, August 29, 2011

Moving to the Country, Gonna eat a lot of Peaches.

This weekend Lorenzo and I made our way out of Toscana and into Emilia Romagna where his family have a house in the countryside. In winter it is all snowed in, so we wanted to get out there in Summer while the fruit is plentiful and the sun is shining... and it was beautiful! The house is actually the train station-house for the town Strada Casale-  a “town” with a population of around 100- and is surrounded by fruit trees, vineyards and rolling hillsides.

It was such a relaxing weekend with a walk through the hills (stopping to pick figs, plums, grapes, walnuts, apples and what we think was a cross between an apricot and a peach- yum), an afternoon at the pool, local delicacies at a nearby country festival (as well as dancing with the locals- who, I’m pretty sure, thought we were those young hooligans who didn’t know the steps) and stargazing (my first shooting star in years).

We also stopped to get some milk... One vending machine sells either plastic (20c) or glass bottles (50c) and the other machine- with the drop of a coin and the push of a button- fills your bottle with super cold, delicious fresh milk (500mL=50c, 1L= €1). I love the (technically advanced) country.

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