Friday, August 5, 2011

Keeping Occupied.

With working at the pub, my new stage, a friend coming to visit and my school friends leaving town, this past week I have definitely been keeping busy.

My good friend Jenna, who I used to work with in Brisbane, has spent the last 3 months travelling around southeast Asia and the UK and has now made her way into Italy, so for the past week she bunked with me. We took a trip up to Fiesole, drank in some of my favourite bars and I managed to give her a quick tour of the city, but unfortunately I was working a fair chunk of her stay so she had to entertain herself. I must say that she is a must more motivated tourist than I am and I think she has now seen more touristy things in Florence than I have!! Even though it was only a week It was so nice to have a friend like Jenna come and stay and she even cooked us dinner!! Thanks JJ…

I have officially completed the first week of my stage with Hotel Brunelleschi. I am holding my opinion for now because I know that this is one of their slowest months and until the 16th of August the head chef (who I organised this whole thing with) is on holidays. So I my update is that I have survived the first week and that there is a lot less to do than I was expecting… other than that you’ll have to check back in after the 16th!

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