Monday, August 29, 2011

Big City Lights.

First and foremost... I'M SORRY! I know it has now been some ridiculous amount of days since my last post, and there is just no excuse that will cut the mustard. So I won't even bother...
So anyway, since my last post I have been working in the pastry section at the hotel from Monday to Friday (9am to 2.30pm) then for 2 or 3 of those days I also work at the pub from 9.30pm to 2.30am, which then means that I have the weekend free- yipeee!! Now that Simone- the head chef at Hotel Brunelleschi- is back from holidays I am exclusively in the pastry section and am finally doing the work I want to do! Breads, gelati, petit fours, creams etc etc. Simone is full of knowledge and, luckily for me, is a really good teacher so I am really enjoying my mornings there.
I don't yet have any photos of the kitchen or the Hotel or anything yet (though I should be going there for dinner on Saturday, so I'll have some soon) so I will leave you with a few photos I have taken of Florence at night with MY NEW CAMERA! (Nikon Coolpix P300- it's a light compact camera but is equipped with some great settings and (in my opinion) takes a pretty decent photo!)


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