Monday, December 20, 2010

Nancy Pantsy

The most common question I was asked whilst in Nancy: Why did you come here?
I honestly hadn't heard of Nancy before I went and had no idea what was there or anything about it's history. All I knew was that it is around half way between Paris and Basel, it has a train station and had couches available for surfing!
In fact Nancy turned out to be quite a pretty little snow covered town and I ended up staying for three nights with a 22 year old couch surfing veteran named Mélanie and her techno musician housemate Carl. They have a very central and surprisingly large apartment in the main street of Nancy which is within easy walking distance to everything.
After having done my initial walk around the town, looked at all the old buildings and wandered the produce and Christmas markets, I can’t say that I really did very much while I was there! Most of my time was spent by the window with a cup of tea, watching the snow fall, reading a book. It’s a hard life I tell you.
I did venture out to see the city’s Aquarium, as one does when they need to forget about the cold weather for an hour or two, and even braved the cool night air to have a drink with Mélanie and her boyfriend. Which is when I learned about French men and their sleazy ways!

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