Thursday, June 20, 2013


For the past few months I have been working a few days a week in the kitchen at a bar/cafe/restaurant place called Vagalume. It's a funky little place with only a handfull of tables, a big blackboard menu and an open bar/kitchen.
The owner Iuri is a Florentine guy that until last year was living in Sydney for 6 years and the waiter is from Perth! We have an old record player for a sound system (which Danny diligently turns every 15 minutes or so) and lots of old school quirks around the place- like the 1960's coffee machine, the meat slicer and the door bell!

The style of cuisine isn't typically Italian- I think it's been influenced quite a bit by Iuri's time in Australia, but ever so often we will do something traditional like Lasagne or Pappa al pomodoro to keep the tourists happy ;).
Something I found surprising is that we not only have a huge amount of travelling Australians (and other nationalities) coming in for dinner, but it seems to be a new spot for lots of ex pats too! It's refreshing to meet new expats in Florence and to be able to speak english for a while!

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