Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Greve, Panzano and solo Ciccia

In an attempt to see a little more of Italy we have decided that we need to do a trip every week... even if it means going to a little town close by for half a day. Lets see how long it lasts!!
This week we went to Greve and Panzano in Chinati.

In Panzano we went to their famous butcher... Where you walk in and they give you some wine and a crostino to try with one of their products. Clearly that's why we paid 10 euro for a slice or pork!!! It's a really cool place though and they sell only really good quality Tuscan meats.

While we were there a couple of German tourists came in and asked for a Florentine steak (the traditional tuscan T-bone steak- like the one in this last photo) and they owner calmly replied that they need to be ordered, but that he would be happy to keep one aside for them for next Wednesday!! Bet it's worth the weeks wait though!
The suckling pig next to the steak in the photo is what we bought a slice of. They have a minimum of 500g slices!! (which of course they tell you after you have asked for a slice and as they are cutting it...) I must admit that it was pretty damned good though!


  1. OMG! that Tbone is humungous. What is the recommended way of cooking It??

  2. OMG that sign is GREAT!! I love rooster! haha