Monday, August 6, 2012

Ben tornata!

Oh hello there! Long time no.. see? Sorry for that! A few changes have come about since I last posted in January, and I think it could be a very interesting second half of 2012!

In February I headed back to Australia, where I was working and struggling to get a visa to come back to Italy, and finally after 6 months I am happy to say I am back in Florence with a study visa in my hot little passport!

I have enrolled at the Ag College at the University of Florence (much to my fathers joy that one of his offspring are following in his footsteps of Agriculture) to study Viticulture and Enologie, and presuming I pass my entry level Italian language test on the 3rd of September... it will provide me with a visa for the duration of the course (which, for one who doesn't have to repeat any subjects, is 3 years... no promises!) and allows me to work up to 20 hours a week. So presuming all goes well, I should be here for a little while!!

I've also moved out of the city in Florence and am temporarily living with Lorenzo and his parents about 5km out of the old city centre while they divide the house in two, essentially creating a little flat next door which we will hopefully be able to move into within a month.
I'll admit that I was somewhat dubious about moving a 20minute tram ride from the city (especially to live with someone else's parents!!), but after a week of living out here I feel so much more at home. There is a garden, a wood fired oven, markets around the corner, more locals, few tourists and it just feels like a more genuine version of Italy! Even if it is a little challenging sometimes ;)

So between now and the start of uni I am in holidays! Well deserved too- I worked for a good 6 months there you know!! Free to busk in the Tuscan sunshine as I see fit (if it can be called busking when the temperature reaches 38 degrees daily and you are cowering inside to escape the heat...) and study my Italian so I don't fail my entry test and get kicked out of the country!!


  1. Good to see you are back on line Gypsy

  2. Good luck! You can Dooo it!