Friday, January 20, 2012

The Dags strike again...

I'm still alive! I have been having a merry old time here in Florence over the past month, from eating myself stupid over christmas (for literally 3 days straight) to dancing on tables at new years to finishing work at the pub and getting ready to head back to the land they call Oz.
This post however, is dedicated to my family... the only one I have... thank god, or there could be trouble. As my family were completely spread out this year- my sister in Singapore, my brother in Perth, my parents in Toowoomba and me over here- yet wanted to keep with our dress up tradition (where we draw a name out of the hat and then buy a costume for that name for Christmas day) we organised costumes and shipped them off to their future wearers. We didn't take into account that Italian post is the slowest post I have ever come across and the last package arrived today, nearly 2 months after being sent!!!
So today we had some Christmas cheer over Skype... this was the outcome...



Unfortunately the photos aren't of a great quality (what can you expect taking a photo of a computer screen!!) but the tradition was there and it was alot of fun as always, only a little bit late!