Saturday, November 3, 2012

A day of Characters

Lucca is a beautiful medieval walled town north west of Florence and once a year they throw a festival called the Lucca Games. Inside the walls of the city they fill the streets and piazzas with tents, which in turn are full of comics, aneme, manga, cartoons, video games and lots and lots of merchandise. It's a huge event for the gaming and comics world and many of the attendees go to alot of effort to dress up... We went along because some of our friends were going, not so much because we are into Cartoons or Games, but for me it was well worth spending a day in Lucca, watching all these people so passionate about their hobby!


I couldn't tell you who even a quarter of these characters are... but some of the costumes were pretty darn creative! Mind you I think many of the near nude girls will now be lying in bed with the flu. I'm sure it was worth it for the day though!

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