Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ona ona ona, ma che bella rificolona...

L'è più bella la mia di quella della zia. La mia l'è co' fiocchi, la tua l'è co' pidocchi...

September 7 is the day that the little kiddies get paper lanterns on a stick, with a candle inside and walk through the city of Florence in a big parade. It's called La Festa della Rificolona and Lorenzo was saying that sadly it is a dying tradition and that it used to be a much bigger event when he was a kid.
Never the less, when I found out about this festival for children I naturally bought 2 lanterns, one for me and one for Amelia, and along with the rest of the kiddies we took to the streets of florence.

You have to be careful though, the little boys (and some evil little girls) have pea shooters and try to break your lanterns. We were targets from the beginning, but I'm happy to say we survived and our lanterns are still in tact!

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